New Jersey Lemon Help For All Makes And Models Of Motor Vehicles



There are many automotive manufacturers selling and leasing autos in New Jersey.  People buy and lease new cars for the peace of mind that comes from knowing that the vehicle manufacturer will take care of certain problems with the automobile that occur within a certain number of miles or months following the purchase.  Also, people buy lightly used vehicles still covered the manufacturer’s warranty because they are confident that the warranty will cover certain major problems that might arise after the sale.


The New Jersey Lemon Law Offers Help To Vehicle Buyers When A Manufacturer Fails To Fix A Vehicle In A Reasonable Time

What happens if an automobile manufacturer can’t get repairs to a vehicle done in a reasonable time?  Do you have to endlessly suffer and wait for the manufacturer to figure out (or not figure out) how to fix the cars that it makes?  Under the New Jersey lemon law, the answer is a clear “no”!  The purpose of the New Jersey Lemon Law is to solve the problem of buying or leasing a high cost vehicle that becomes a nightmare to the consumer.  When the New Jersey Legislature passed the Lemon Law, the Legislature decided that the purchase of a new vehicle is a major, high cost consumer transaction and the inability to correct defects in these vehicles created a major hardship and an unacceptable economic burden on the consumer.  By passing the Lemon Law, the Legislature intended to require the manufacturer of a new vehicle, or in the case of a new vehicle that is an authorized emergency vehicle, the manufacturer, co-manufacturer, or post-manufacturing modifier, to correct defects originally covered under the vehicle’s new vehicle warranty which are identified and reported within a specified period.


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  1. Acura
  2. Audi
  3. BMW
  4. Buick
  5. Cadillac
  6. Chevrolet
  7. Chrysler
  8. Dodge
  9. Ford
  10. Genesis
  11. GMC
  12. Honda
  13. Hyundai
  14. Infiniti
  15. Jaguar
  16. Jeep
  17. Karma
  18. Kia
  19. Land Rover
  20. Lexus
  21. Lincoln
  22. Maserati
  23. Mazda
  24. Mercedes Benz
  25. Nissan
  26. Porsche
  27. Tesla
  28. Toyota
  29. Volkswagen


The New Jersey Lemon Law Makes It Easier For Car Buyers To Get A Refund For Their Lemon Automobiles

The New Jersey Lemon Law makes it easier for consumers to recover refunds when they buy a vehicle covered by a new vehicle warranty and the manufacturer of that vehicle fails to fix the car in a reasonable period of time.  The New Jersey Legislature wanted the Lemon Law act to provide procedures to expeditiously resolve disputes between a consumer and a manufacturer, co-manufacturer, or post-manufacturing modifier when defects in a new vehicle.  Consumers should not have to wait endlessly to get their vehicles fixed.  Instead, under the Law, the manufacturer and its authorized dealerships is required to act promptly to attempt to fix vehicles.  When the manufacturer is unable or unwilling to fix vehicles in a reasonable time, consumers should be able to seek legal help through a fairly straightforward type of legal claim. The Legislature didn’t intend for manufacturers to entangle the consumer in the intricacies of design defects and other complexities of product liability law. The Legislature clearly intended to spare the unfortunate buyer of a "lemon" those hazards and costs. New Jersey Lemon Law cases are very common and with the right set of facts and the right presentation of proofs, those cases are frequently successful.


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While this page gives some general background information, there is the danger that relying on this information alone could lead you to lose your claim.  Laws and regulations frequently change and the law may have changed since the posting of this webpage.  Factual differences between your case and cases described on this webpage can affect your chance of success. Don’t attempt to rely on the internet as the only source of information for your claim!  Instead, get competent legal advice from a New Jersey licensed attorney.  Call Perlman DePetris Consumer Law for a no obligation phone consultation.