This page provides the language of the New Jersey Used Car Inspection Law – a New Jersey law about used car dealer inspection requirements for certain kinds of used vehicles.

39:10-26. Used passenger vehicle to meet standards when sold by dealer.

Unless otherwise provided in this act [39:10-26 et seq.], no motor vehicle dealer shall sell at retail any used passenger motor vehicle to be registered in this State, unless such vehicle, meets the standards for the issuance of a certificate of approval as provided in chapter 8 of Title 39 of the Revised Statutes.

39:10-27. Failure of vehicle to meet standards; effect.

In the event that any such used passenger motor vehicle is sold at retail and has any defect, which results in its rejection for failure to meet the standards for issuance of such a certificate of approval, in the absence of a waiver as provided in this act, the seller shall make, or cause to be made, all the necessary repairs, without charge, or return the full purchase price to the purchaser; provided that such defect or defects are not the result of the purchaser's own act.

39:10-28. Information required at sale.

Prior to entering into any agreement for the retail sale of a used passenger motor vehicle, the dealer shall inquire as to whether the vehicle to be purchased is intended for registration in this State in the condition sold and, if so, such fact shall be specified in the written agreement between the dealer and the purchaser, and the dealer, prior to execution of the agreement of sale, shall inform the purchaser of the dealer's responsibilities under this act.

39:10-29. Waiver of dealer's obligation; effect

Any agreement of retail sale may contain a provision whereby the purchaser waives the dealer's obligation under section 2 of this act; provided, however, any such waiver must be separately stated in the agreement of retail sale and separately signed by the purchaser.

The signing of such a waiver by the purchaser shall also serve to eliminate any criminal responsibility placed upon any motor vehicle dealer by this act.

39:10-30. Violations; penalty

Any dealer who fails to comply with the provisions of this act is a disorderly person.

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