Legal Help For New Jersey
Lemon Buyers And Car Fraud Victims

Laws provide help for victimized New Jersey consumers

Perlman DePetris Consumer Law prosecutes New Jersey lemon law, New Jersey car fraud and New Jersey car warranty cases. Some cases are handled so that you don’t have to reach into your pocket to pay attorney’s fees. Other cases are handled for modest up front legal fees with additional fees due only if the case is successful and paid by the manufacturer or dealer. Don’t guess about your rights! Call for a no obligation phone consult. Legal help may be only a phone call away.

Does one of the following scenarios describe you?

Mechanical Problems

Having mechanical problems with a New Jersey lemon car, truck, SUV, motorcycle, wheelchair, mobile home, recreational vehicle or defective boat?


Did someone make misrepresentations to you or fail to tell you something when selling you a New Jersey car, truck, SUV, recreational vehicle, motorcycle, boat or wheelchair?

Victim Of Ripoff Scam

Do you think you bought a lemon vehicle or were the victim of a car
dealership ripoff scam?

Broken Promises?

Are you having a problem with getting a vehicle manufacturer or car
dealership to honor its promises to you?

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